You need staff. We’ve got staff. And they’re pretty great. From event staffing to TKTS promotions, we are Broadway’s front line sales team. Whatever promotional needs your production has, Broadway Crew has got you covered.


Why Broadway Crew?

Broadway Crew is so much more than just promotions. It’s about connecting people to the stories they love. Our team is made up of talented and dedicated crew members who love talking about Broadway and spreading the joy of theatre.

It’s our crew that make the difference.

Whether you’re on Broadway, off-Broadway, or anywhere else, you deserve the team that will be the best face for your show. We’re interacting and engaging with your customers every day and sending their feedback straight to you. Being out there on the ground level gives us a unique perspective of your consumer, straight from the consumer themselves.

This authentic and immediate consumer feedback provides the insight you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level and positions Broadway Crew as the ultimate front line sales team for New York theatre.

They’re easily the greatest new asset the industry has to market shows in the Times Square area.
— Michael Chase Gosselin, General Partner, Visceral Entertainment


We’re so proud of the work we do, and we’ve had the good fortune to work with some fabulous productions along the way. From Broadway to Off-Broadway to all of New York City theatre, Broadway Crew has been there.

They know this industry intrinsically and are using that knowledge coupled with their own twists to provide service unlike you have ever seen in the past.
— Scott Frost, Account Manager at SpotCo

A Message From Our Founders


Broadway Crew co-founders Sam Clark and Jackson Thompson talk about why they started Broadway Crew and the kind of culture they're striving to build.

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Our People Make

the Difference.

Whether it’s engaging with customers at TKTS or promoting your show at an event, you need the right image for your show. Our crew have all been specially vetted and trained in the Broadway Crew sales method to ensure you’re getting the best person for the job. We’re so much more than just a street team: we are a full-fledged sales force out there giving your production the quality service it deserves.

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See What Broadway Crew Can Do For You

From TKTS representation to event staffing to hotel and restaurant partnerships, Broadway Crew has got you covered. We leverage our talented staff and Broadway know-how with plain old-fashioned hard work and research to find the best opportunities for your show.

We’ve seen a dramatic increase in our TKTS sales once we started working with them. They truly understand the people who are buying our tickets and know how to convert sales like pros.
— David Carpenter, Partner Tilted Windmills Theatricals

TKTS Representation

We rep your show at the TKTS Booths across New York and make those sales at a captive and key market for your production.

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Detailed Reporting

Our reporting is awesome. We are the front line sales team of your marketing efforts, engaging with your customers face-to-face on a daily basis. We put ourselves in your shoes. What kind of information is valuable to you? How can this information adjust and inform our sales approach? No detail is too small and we include that and more in every report we provide, every day.

Street Team Promotions

Promotional Flyering and Event Staffing

Want to get the word out about your show? We can flyer anywhere in the city to let people know. We have a talented roster of dedicated Crew members. Whatever your event needs, we can deliver.

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And More…

Restaurant partnerships, our hotel concierge outreach program, hosted happy hours, and more! If you need manpower to promote your show, Broadway Crew has you covered. Click the link below to find our full list of services and let’s work together to find the right match for your production.


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