TKTS Representation



The TKTS booths in New York City have become an iconic part of the fabric of the city itself. Run by the not-for-profit Theatre Development Fund (TDF), the booths provide theatre producers a free and extremely effective means to sell unsold same day tickets. In service since 1972 and heavily supported by New York City itself, TKTS is here to stay.

So how many patrons do these booths sell tickets to? According to TDF, in 2016-17 the TKTS booths sold over 1.4 million tickets, returning over $100 million to producers selling their shows there. With Broadway turning in a recording-breaking 2017-18 season of over $1.7 billion in grosses, these numbers are sure to climb.

What Does This Mean For My Show?

Think of us as Broadway’s front line sales team. Like the Apple team members at an Apple store. We engage with patrons at TKTS every day, creating personal connections and guiding them to your show. And it’s this engagement that makes the difference between just handing out a flyer and getting tickets sold.

Overwhelmingly, we find that when patrons are asked which show they’d like to see, they either don’t know or are open to recommendations. That’s where we come in.

A quality sales team at TKTS can effectively double, or even triple sales at the booth by increasing awareness of your show and closing the sale. We’ve worked hard to develop a unique Broadway Crew sales method that has proven to be extremely effective and gets results.

Times Square can be chaotic and confusing. We’re helpful faces in all that craziness and our team takes immense pride in being accessible, friendly, and generous to patrons. We never use pushy sales tactics and we’re always there to serve. This means that your show will be represented the right way by a team that cares.

Our TKTS Service Deliverables

  • Best-In-Class Broadway Crew Sales Method

  • Highly Trained and Dedicated Sales Staff

  • Clean, Branded Image for Your Show

  • Incredibly Detailed Demographic and Analytic Reporting Delivered Daily

  • Innovative Marketing Techniques

  • The Power of Our Social Media Network

  • Target Key Demographics for your Production

  • TKTS Board Monitoring and Status Updates Throughout Shift

  • Locations: Times Square, South Street Seaport, Lincoln Center

If you’d like to capitalize on this captive market at TKTS and dramatically increase same day ticket sales for your show, give us a call. We can’t wait to show you what Broadway Crew can do.

Broadway Crew at TKTS  We use our unique Broadway Crew sales method to effectively market and sell your show. And guess what? It works.

Broadway Crew at TKTS We use our unique Broadway Crew sales method to effectively market and sell your show. And guess what? It works.