Broadway Crew Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Sam Clark and Jackson Thompson at a fundraiser in Greenwich, CT.

NEW YORK, MARCH 20th 2019 -- On the evening of Friday, March 15th, as the work week slowly faded to the weekend, Broadway Crew co-founders Sam Clark and Jackson Thompson lifted a champagne toast to each other. That’s because Friday marked the one year anniversary of the company’s incorporation. Given Broadway Crew’s rapid ascension to a legitimate force in Broadway promotions, there was certainly a lot to celebrate.

So how did two former actors go for broke and achieve so much success in such a short time? They tapped into a section of Broadway marketing budgets long over-looked and often left as an after thought in the business: the street team. “I wanted to start this because I saw an opportunity in the market,” co-founder and current CEO Sam Clark says. “It was clear we had an opportunity here.”

As Broadway sales continue to rise, so do sales at the TKTS booths around New York. In 2016-17, TKTS sold over 1.4 million tickets and generated over $100,000 for producers. This is where Broadway Crew mainly operates. Talking with patrons at the booths and generating sales at TKTS.

“A street team is on the frontlines,” said other co-founder and current CMO Jackson Thompson. “We are literally engaging with Broadway’s customers on a daily basis. We’re the only front-line sales team Broadway has.”

And it’s worked. Broadway Crew’s detailed reporting, strong sales focused team, and company culture have all worked towards significantly moving the needle for several major properties including King Kong, Anastasia, and Second Stage’s Straight White Men.

“These big productions have come to rely on us for everything from audience feedback to what pictures should be on their flyers.” Mr. Thompson continued. “It’s pretty cool.”

But the best part of the job? “Giving actors and other artists a place where they can come to work, still be a part of the business, and have a good time.” Mr. Clark says. “That was our goal from the beginning and we continue to work towards that every day.”

Where does it go from here? Only time will tell. But if you’ve got a new show coming to Broadway, Broadway Crew can offer an extremely effective and affordable means of getting in front of a massive audience.