What Can Broadway Crew Do for You…?

The awesome Broadway Crew managers promoting our plays at TKTS

TKTS Representation

Returning over $100 million to producers each year, TKTS is a vital part of theatre ticket sales in New York City. We represent your show and engage with patrons at the TKTS booths around the city to capitalize on this amazing captive market and sell tickets for your production.

Broadway Crew CEO and co-founder Sam Clark at a special event for off-Broadway client The Other Josh Cohen

Promotional Flyering and Event Staffing

Street team marketing and in-person promotion is an incredibly effective and affordable method for advertising your show to specific target markets. We find the events and locations that will best serve your production and deploy our super crew to spread the word. We do the leg work to make spreading the word about your show easy and hassle free.

Broadway Crew street team member promoting an off-Broadway musical

Concierge Program

Want to get your show in front of hundreds of new tourists each week? We’ve developed relationships with concierges at 25+ hotels across the city who will recommend your show to their guests. It’s a great way to capture visitors to the city and our list of hotels is growing every day.