Our Vision

Elevating the Business of In-Person Promotion.


Broadway Crew is about people. This means welcoming audiences and visitors to New York with open arms and helpful information, providing our clients with a top-quality service they can’t find anywhere else, and creating a workplace where our crew members can thrive.

All the way back in March, 2018, Sam and I started this company with the belief that we could create a place where artists can find meaningful work in the theatre industry they love without destroying their artistic passions. Where our employees are encouraged and supported to fulfill their dreams. We wanted to create a place that meant something because we fundamentally believe that a positive work environment is not only the right way to work, but brings out the best in everyone involved.

The work is far from done, but we use every day as an opportunity to improve. Whether this means new, exciting work for our employees, better services for our clients, or a new approach to talking to customers, we’re never satisfied with “good enough.”

Thank you to all the people who’ve helped us along the way. Thank you to the supporters and advisors and even to the detractors for giving us perspective. But most of all, thank you to our crew for all the tireless hours you’ve worked in 100 degree heat and freezing temperatures. In thunderstorms and snow storms and all the craziness Times Square has to offer. You amaze me every day and without you, none of this would be possible.


Jackson Thompson
Co-Founder, Broadway Crew

Broadway Crew Co-Founders Jackson Thompson and Sam Clark.

Broadway Crew Co-Founders Jackson Thompson and Sam Clark.